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SALE - 'LiftOff' Chef's Palette Knife (Imperfect)

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Colour:Gloss Black

Our seconds are perfectly functional and manufactured to our usual high standard.  Rest assured they will serve you very well but the colouring may not be up to our usual accuracy or they may be slightly marked in some way. A couple of battle scars won’t impede their use - they are very much ready for action.

Please note there is no free engraving on sale items and sale items may have the old Oui Chef logo.

A true Chef’s essential. 

Every last detail of this handmade palette knife has been considered and refined. A 0.6 mm / 0.03 inch thick blade has just the right amount of flex to lift, place and spread beautifully.  

Our proprietary Loop handle sits effortlessly in your hand, whatever your grip. Every edge and corner has been expertly rounded to give you a truly ergonomic experience. 

The offset shape coupled with that perfectly engineered blade allows you glide under delicate ingredients, giving you perfect plating control.

Perfect for:
Plating, spreading, smoothing


  • Material: Mirror Polish Stainless Steel
  • Shape: Offset
  • Hand-dipped metallic coating on handle (except Chrome Top)
  • Engraving: Yes
  • Magnetic: Yes
  • Overall length 215 mm / 8.46”
  • Blade length 95 mm / 3.74”

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