SALE - HoldFast Magnetic Chef's Pin v3 (imperfect)

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We have a small number of perfectly functional but slightly scratched pins on sale here at 33% discount.  To be honest, you will barely notice the scratches but we couldn't sell them at full price given the slight imperfections. So if you want to bag a bargain, you have happened upon the right place!

Version 3 of the world's first Magnetic Chef's Pin is now live - we have a new improved iteration in an all steel, mirror polished casing.

Keep your Oui Chef tweezers in easy reach on your whites or apron during busy service, and release them easily when required with a swift sliding movement.

More hygienic than a pocket or apron top, think of them as a tractor beam for your tweezers. A strong neodymium magnet holds your tweezers securely in place as you work around the kitchen, but allows an instant release into the hand as needed. A rubber clasp keeps the pin securely in place.


  • A gentle sideways movement is all that is required to remove the tweezers cleanly from the magnet. No need to pull it off directly. It may take a small amount of practice to master the technique. 
  • The mirror-polished finish will of course turn brushed with daily use - making it battle-hardened is a badge of honour.
  • Suitable for our small tweezers only. 
  • Remove before washing garments

Product Specs:
Diameter: 14 mm / 0.5”
Weight: 6 g / 0.3 oz


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