The Rules We Play By

1. Only The Best Will Cut It

Great chefs demand the best out of everything. From the provenance and quality of the produce they select daily, to the team they work with and the tools they trust every moment of every kitchen day.

And that’s the standard we set for ourselves. We want to earn the reputation as the most trusted Chefs’ tools brand globally. From the exacting standards and quality of our products, carefully sourced for their precision and durability; to the careful curation of our Chefs’ Kits - we strive for excellence in everything we do. We want the best for our customers, who, like us, demand the best and will accept nothing less.

2. For Us, It’s Personal

Our carefully selected range of products are created solely with the individual needs of our customers in mind. We know this, because we pride ourselves on our close relationships and communication with many leading chefs internationally and our excellent customer service. We go to great lengths to help chefs pick the right tools for their particular needs.

We personally take great care in quality checking each and every product before it is shipped to our customers to ensure it is flawless. Whether it is going the extra mile to make sure a birthday gift arrives on time or being available when a package is taking longer than expected to arrive, rest assured, we are there for you.

3. We’re Specialists, Not Generalists

In a world of large global generalist chefs tool brands, we, at OuiChef understand the importance of being experts at what we do. We source and curate specialist tools, essential to our customers everyday needs. By specialising in what we do, taking our time and keeping our range small, we know that we can focus on being the best at what we do.

4. Attention To Detail Is In Our DNA

Forged from the best materials, ensuring precision and agility, our products help to transform our clients vision into reality. We know our expert tools are an extension of our customers’ hands, allowing them to execute the most exacting details on time, every time, maximising creativity and performance.

And it’s that same attention that we devote to, say, making sure the finest details of your laser engraved logo are perfect, or our packaging design, to make sure it’s 100% recyclable and fits comfortably through your letterbox. We believe it’s the little things that make a big difference.


5. Together We Do Better

On the supply side we partner with a leading manufacturer of chefs tools to guarantee the highest standards for our products. Reputation and trust mean everything to our customers. 

By talking to our customers and working with their input, together we can design the tools that they need and want; Tools that will make their lives easier and bring their creativity to the fore. By working hard to build trusted partnerships and long term relationships with our customers, we know a global reputation as the best provider of specialist Chefs’ tools is an achievable goal. 

Thank you for taking the time to read what we believe in and what motivates us.