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Stainless Steel

Chef's Tweezers Kit #9

€26.99 EUR

It’s all about control. And style.

Manufactured and finished to the highest standards, our tweezers are indispensable when fat fingers just won’t do.  The pincer tension is perfect and the serrated edge grips super reliably. They look great and feel great in the hand. Like all our tools they are built to last forever.

THE SUPERFINE 15.5cm / 6.1” STRAIGHT TWEEZERS is a joy to use. With its delicate pincer feel and really fine tip, this piece of kit is fast becoming the benchmark of small tweezers for top chefs all over the globe. Incredibly light, yet extremely strong with a vice-like grip this tweezers will revolutionise your plating.

THE 20CM / 7.87" OFFSET TWEEZERS are Perfect for plating, assembling, tasting and 101 other things we haven’t even thought of. People keep on telling us about their own novel uses for them - handling micro herbs, taking toast from the toaster (???), chocolate garnish on desserts, testing spaghetti, etc, etc…

Top chefs have these within easy reach at all times. Use ‘em and you’ll quickly see why.


  • Handwash recommended.